Our society is changing rapidly, the way we transact, the way we interact and the way we go about our every day lives.

When was the last time you queued up to pay for your electric bills?
Do you blink an eye to buy a $1000 flight ticket online?
Do you feel lost without your handphone?
Do you feel frustrated when you can't find your favourite restaurant online?

It is no different from the way our community will expect when dealing with our own muslim organisations, mosques or event organisers.

We have to step-up or be left behind.

Introducing MIMBAR - Jemaah Management Made Simple.

MIMBAR is an online application for you to manage how your jemaah make donations online, registers for your events or book facilites and services. It is our effort to assist organisations to embark on the 4.0 industrial revolution.

As the name suggest, MIMBAR aims to be the platform where you can oversee and manage your transactions and interactions with your jemaah online, so that you can effectively manage your operations and resources.

Subscription to the modules will enable you to create paid event tickets or collect online donations through various payment gateways.

Reach out to your online audience with MIMBAR. Campaigns published will be listed on this site and through our network of portals insyaAllah.

We will be continually developing the system so do look out for more and feel free to share with us your feedback so that we can improve it for the benefit of all.

Team Musollah.com / IslamicEvents